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How to Go-Green with Your Wedding ?

If you wish to know Here we are about to discuss, how to make use of Tradition and Technology to have a mindful green wedding.


Make a categorized list of invitees in advance, like School-mates, College-mates, Colleagues, Family, Relatives and this is far more important than you think.

  • Save The Travel: 
    Why the fuzz of travelling all the way to your list, when you can invite them all real-time, using a Whastapp/Skype/Duo Call. Keep aside the lame excuses; “like its been a while since we’ve met”, “What will they think of us?” bah blah. Guys, you are inviting them to your wedding and its a good chance for another meet-up. They will definitely turn up, if they care about you or your family. Save all the stress & the air pollution for the wedding day.
  • Save The Trees:
    Now that you have invited them personally on video calls, you can take down the tradition of printed invitations by 75%. The whole purpose of printed invitation is a reference/reminder of your wedding details, though it hardly serves the purpose. So, Create a Broadcast group each with list if invitees and Send a Save-The-Date or Wedding Reminder card via Whatsapp or any messenger, 2 weeks before the wedding. Oh, and save the 25% printed cards for the few elderlies & neighbours (socializing is still a thing you know).


Yes, they are for real and expect the most weirdo things as your wedding present. I had this Aunty who always gave bed spreads as gifts and guess what her daughter was mostly gifted with on her wedding. That’s it, A PILE OF BED SPREADS!
Requested your guests not to gift bouquets and plastic-wrapped gifts, instead ask them to get creative while wrapping gifts. Believe me, even if you don’t get enough gifts, your wedding idea is now all set to go viral; you will soon be the talk of your town. Feel free to tell them its okay to avoid gifts if they are not creative enough.


  1. Steel or any other reusable cutlery is used for serving food
  2. There is no bottled water
  3. Decorations have no plastic. Fewer flowers are used and only local and seasonal ones. Tip: You can use colourful cloth to decorate.
  4. The table on which food is served is either uncovered, covered in cloth or a thick sheet of plastic to avoid rolls and rolls of food-contaminated paper
  5. All waste produced is segregated. Wet waste is composted or sent to a bio-gas plant and dry waste sent for recycling. Tip: Make sure systems are set in place for this before-hand.
And Hey ! Dont Over Do It ;)

Green Wedding ; an idea worth sharing !

Green Wedding ; an idea worth sharing !

Most of you might be aware of this term; Green Wedding. Its nothing but the practice of using re-usables and thus lowering the solid waste which organizing your wedding. Needless to say, Mother Nature is fed up with us taking her for granted and we

photographers being nature lovers, its something of our concern as well. This is one reason why we promote Green Weddings. Another reason being lowering the cost of wedding panning, thus of-course you can invest more on your photographer 😉

What is Green Wedding ?

‘To a layperson, a green wedding can be defined as an event that is mindful of the impact it has on the environment and therefore one that minimizes, to a large extent, the damage caused to the environment.’ These are the words of  a Bangaluru based environmentalist Shyamala Suresh. She is a supporter and experienced organizer of Eco-Friendly Weddings, who organized over 6 wedding events, replacing almost all the plastic and disposable items in weddings with eco-friendly glass/steel items. Even the decors lacked usage of plastic items.


“A single person generates a minimum of five pieces of disposables at a wedding. Imagine that! This is something that can be completely avoided. Depending on which part of the country you are from, all this waste is either burnt or sent to landfills, sometimes a bit of both. The obvious outcome is land, water and air pollution,”

Is Green/Eco-Friendly Wedding feasible in Kerala?

Guess what ! Luckily, A good percentage of Kerala’s population are un-knowingly into this already, thanks to those Food Caterers. In most Weddings they use banana leaves, reusable ceramic plates and extremely cheap organic leaf plates instead of disposable paper/plastic stuffs. This is a small step, and believe me the big leap is about to make you rich (by heart) 🙂

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Whats with this Free Amazon Prime Membership thing ?


Greetings !! At TweenStudios, we don’t just do photographs, we capture emotions and share the joy with the viewers.  We have been receiving casual, fun queries from friends and supporters asking for special treat for spreading the word about us.

Like when Bibin asked us a few weeks back; “when is my treat man, it was me who referred you to my friend Abin. And he just loved your photos from his wedding.” Ofcourse asking for a treat was a casual joke, but we thought again, all our clients get a token of gratitude from us with their delivery kit, something we call the Free Happiness Kit,  but the first token of gratitude should reach the person who referred us to the client.

Its not more a causal thing to us, and we decided to give away Free Amazon Prime Membership, as a token of appreciation or gratitude or a gift; I would say its simply our love towards you.  Yes!  and you earned it. Being in our special circle, we are lucky to have people like Bibin around.

How to Get the Free Amazon Membership ?

  1. Share our Contact/FB Page/Pricing Page to your friend/relative who is getting married soon
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Team Tweens

Save The Date – Stop Motion Video

When Deepu and Sruthy reached out to us asking to make their wedding story, it was a peak time of a wedding season. I asked a colleague Sukesh to keep track of their requirements and on talking with Sukesh I go a notion that they are all hyper-excited about this wedding thing and they needed something special.

I kept thinking what can be done specially for them and that’s when an online community friend Carl, a wedding photographer from Ontario shared a hyperlapse video of his client. I took a few more references and told to myself, “lets go with a stop motion video” .. baby steps 😀

The shoot went well and luckily Client was totally unaware of whats the end result. We had drafted a simple yet easy to convey story, after which a friend suggested to include some dialogues as well. And the final outcome is the Save the date , Stop Motion Video which you can see below;

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Abhijith Vijay
[CEO, Candid Culture]

TweenStudios LITE – affordable wedding packages

Lite Wedding Packages - affordable wedding packages

TweenStudios LITE – affordable wedding packages

Ever since our launch in 2013 we have been trying hard and succeeded in bringing the best to our clients. Keeping up with the ever changing wedding market trends and at the same time making it affordable to the customers, is always the best challenge for any wedding photography company. Luckily, we at TweenStudios has a quality team which manages the market feedback and costing.

And this year we are bringing in a revolutionary addition to our set of services. We call it revolutionary because, many efficient service providers including Make-up artists, Beauty Parlors, Printers, Travel Agencies, Event Planners, Tour Operators, Venue Owners, Courier Agents etc across Kerala, has associated and assisted us in coming up with this exciting new series of affordable Economic Wedding Packages.

slide 2TweenStudios LITE Wedding Packages will be a range of affordable wedding packages for you. With the announcement of the pricing on 25th October 2017, there is a Free Save The Date Photoshoot for those couples who do their booking on or before 31st October 2017. While LITE Wedding Packages are in limelight all our PRO Wedding Packages are still available and open to booking, as we undertake only upto 5 Lite Weddings packages/month. 

And this doesn’t end there, we have partnered with various service providers to make sure that you get to save more on your Wedding Planning, depending on your Venue and Location. This is the first time such a large network joint venture is happening within private firms and we will be soon be expanding our reach to almost all the major cities in Kerala and Karnataka.

How to Know the Pricing : Just comment your email/whatsapp number here or inbox it to us via our facebook page . We will inform you the pricing personally as soon as its released. And you can even have a personalized discussion session with us on the following days.

Please spread the word, let your friends know about this and they will be most thankful to you. Looking forward to your support and smiles.

candid wedding studios, manglore

This Candid Wedding Studios, loves Manglore.

Our success story as Candid Wedding Studios in Kerala, happened with the support of lots of good people; our clients and well wishers, who believed in our skills and creativity. Backed by India’s largest printing solutions provider, Mazda Imaging and social media websites Google+, Facebook etc, TweenStudios could make our mark in Wedding Media Production industry in a shortest span of 1.5 years. Even now, we take it as challenge and entertain our best men to make it a routine to do detailed research, to bring out the best in every events they attend. Their Big Day is special to all brides and grooms, and they say, we make it much memorable.

The Good News !!

We are so happy to announce that the Educational-hub will soon be a Media hub too. City of Manglore mostly known for the number of educational institutions and largest flow of other state occupants, has a noticeable culture-mix. The place also known for its population of Keralites, makes Manglore one of our favorite destinations.

With our experience in Candid Photography and Videography works, its not a big deal to convince our customers, as most customers are educated about candid wedding photography and the demand for the same is much high now a days. Having presence in almost all the states across South India, we are one of the most demanded candid wedding photographers. Expertised in Infant, Maternity and Fashion Photography, we envision to become the largest network of media production (photography and video coverage) services in India.


Joy of Wedding! International Honeym♥♥n Offer

Greetings !!

We are so happy to inform that, according to last 3 months stats, our clients has started choosing us as their Premium Wedding Photographers.  Also we are getting frequent enquiries from all classes of people Pan India, who are looking for Premium Wedding Candid Photography Services; affordable in price and premium in quality.

At TweenStudios we believe that, spreading joy brings prosperity. So we have decided to give you a reason to make your weddings more memorable and joyful. This Christmas season will bring you the most exciting offer from us till date.


Every bookings from 25th December 2015 – 25th January 2016 will earn an assured Discount Card worth Rs 8000/-  and one lucky couple can win an International Honeymoon and get a free International Lifestyle Shoot done by us for their Wedding Photobook. To enroll in this Joy of Wedding Offer, all you have to do is, to send your enquiry via our website ( and you will receive our packages in 1-2 working days. You may discuss with our wedding consultants and book the package on or before 25th January 2016.
We love you as always and wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous 2016 🙂
Team Tweens

TweenStudios July 2015 Kerala Offer

Get your wedding moments captured by the best candid wedding photographers in Kerala, the TweenStudios. Though we are rooted at Bangalore, our service network is now available in Kerala and major cities across South India, at most affordable pricing packages.

Claim your Rs 5000 Flat Discount Offer by messaging your wedding details to us on our Facebook Page. And hey, don’t forget to start your chat message with ;
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