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How to Go-Green with Your Wedding ?

If you wish to know Here we are about to discuss, how to make use of Tradition and Technology to have a mindful green wedding.


Make a categorized list of invitees in advance, like School-mates, College-mates, Colleagues, Family, Relatives and this is far more important than you think.

  • Save The Travel: 
    Why the fuzz of travelling all the way to your list, when you can invite them all real-time, using a Whastapp/Skype/Duo Call. Keep aside the lame excuses; “like its been a while since we’ve met”, “What will they think of us?” bah blah. Guys, you are inviting them to your wedding and its a good chance for another meet-up. They will definitely turn up, if they care about you or your family. Save all the stress & the air pollution for the wedding day.
  • Save The Trees:
    Now that you have invited them personally on video calls, you can take down the tradition of printed invitations by 75%. The whole purpose of printed invitation is a reference/reminder of your wedding details, though it hardly serves the purpose. So, Create a Broadcast group each with list if invitees and Send a Save-The-Date or Wedding Reminder card via Whatsapp or any messenger, 2 weeks before the wedding. Oh, and save the 25% printed cards for the few elderlies & neighbours (socializing is still a thing you know).


Yes, they are for real and expect the most weirdo things as your wedding present. I had this Aunty who always gave bed spreads as gifts and guess what her daughter was mostly gifted with on her wedding. That’s it, A PILE OF BED SPREADS!
Requested your guests not to gift bouquets and plastic-wrapped gifts, instead ask them to get creative while wrapping gifts. Believe me, even if you don’t get enough gifts, your wedding idea is now all set to go viral; you will soon be the talk of your town. Feel free to tell them its okay to avoid gifts if they are not creative enough.


  1. Steel or any other reusable cutlery is used for serving food
  2. There is no bottled water
  3. Decorations have no plastic. Fewer flowers are used and only local and seasonal ones. Tip: You can use colourful cloth to decorate.
  4. The table on which food is served is either uncovered, covered in cloth or a thick sheet of plastic to avoid rolls and rolls of food-contaminated paper
  5. All waste produced is segregated. Wet waste is composted or sent to a bio-gas plant and dry waste sent for recycling. Tip: Make sure systems are set in place for this before-hand.