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Whats with this Free Amazon Prime Membership thing ?


Greetings !! At TweenStudios, we don’t just do photographs, we capture emotions and share the joy with the viewers.  We have been receiving casual, fun queries from friends and supporters asking for special treat for spreading the word about us.

Like when Bibin asked us a few weeks back; “when is my treat man, it was me who referred you to my friend Abin. And he just loved your photos from his wedding.” Ofcourse asking for a treat was a casual joke, but we thought again, all our clients get a token of gratitude from us with their delivery kit, something we call the Free Happiness Kit,  but the first token of gratitude should reach the person who referred us to the client.

Its not more a causal thing to us, and we decided to give away Free Amazon Prime Membership, as a token of appreciation or gratitude or a gift; I would say its simply our love towards you.  Yes!  and you earned it. Being in our special circle, we are lucky to have people like Bibin around.

How to Get the Free Amazon Membership ?

  1. Share our Contact/FB Page/Pricing Page to your friend/relative who is getting married soon
  2. Ask them to give your name when we ask, how they heard about TweenStudios
  3. Now share your friends contact via our facebook page message box or whatsapp (9809313161)
  4. We will have a discussion with them and finalize the preferred package
  5. Once they book with us, your gift shall reach you in a weeks time

From now on, when someone asks you for a Candid Photographer / Wedding Photographer in town, just give the name TweenStudios and who knows you might earn this and many more love from us.

Team Tweens

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