Green Wedding ; an idea worth sharing !

Most of you might be aware of this term; Green Wedding. Its nothing but the practice of using re-usables and thus lowering the solid waste which organizing your wedding. Needless to say, Mother Nature is fed up with us taking her for granted and we

photographers being nature lovers, its something of our concern as well. This is one reason why we promote Green Weddings. Another reason being lowering the cost of wedding panning, thus of-course you can invest more on your photographer 😉

What is Green Wedding ?

‘To a layperson, a green wedding can be defined as an event that is mindful of the impact it has on the environment and therefore one that minimizes, to a large extent, the damage caused to the environment.’ These are the words of  a Bangaluru based environmentalist Shyamala Suresh. She is a supporter and experienced organizer of Eco-Friendly Weddings, who organized over 6 wedding events, replacing almost all the plastic and disposable items in weddings with eco-friendly glass/steel items. Even the decors lacked usage of plastic items.


“A single person generates a minimum of five pieces of disposables at a wedding. Imagine that! This is something that can be completely avoided. Depending on which part of the country you are from, all this waste is either burnt or sent to landfills, sometimes a bit of both. The obvious outcome is land, water and air pollution,”

Is Green/Eco-Friendly Wedding feasible in Kerala?

Guess what ! Luckily, A good percentage of Kerala’s population are un-knowingly into this already, thanks to those Food Caterers. In most Weddings they use banana leaves, reusable ceramic plates and extremely cheap organic leaf plates instead of disposable paper/plastic stuffs. This is a small step, and believe me the big leap is about to make you rich (by heart) 🙂

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