Save The Date – Stop Motion Video

When Deepu and Sruthy reached out to us asking to make their wedding story, it was a peak time of a wedding season. I asked a colleague Sukesh to keep track of their requirements and on talking with Sukesh I go a notion that they are all hyper-excited about this wedding thing and they needed something special.

I kept thinking what can be done specially for them and that’s when an online community friend Carl, a wedding photographer from Ontario shared a hyperlapse video of his client. I took a few more references and told to myself, “lets go with a stop motion video” .. baby steps 😀

The shoot went well and luckily Client was totally unaware of whats the end result. We had drafted a simple yet easy to convey story, after which a friend suggested to include some dialogues as well. And the final outcome is the Save the date , Stop Motion Video which you can see below;

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Abhijith Vijay
[CEO, Candid Culture] TweenStudios

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